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our philosophy

Our purpose is to enable people to find meaning and fulfilment in their work, so they can thrive both personally and professionally.

When employees are engaged and find meaning in their work, they excel by contributing to building a positive workplace culture; enhancing customer satisfaction; and driving business results.


Help the right candidates find the right companies whose values, culture and work align with their own attitudes and aspirations.

Research shows that a sense of belonging in the workplace can have significant positive impacts on a company’s bottom line. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study named ‘The Value of Belonging’ found that when employees feel like they belong, they are more productive, engaged, and loyal to their company.

Despite this, many companies struggle to build and maintain strong relationships with their employees beyond the hiring process. Traditional methods, such as spreadsheets, calendars, and email software, are cumbersome and inefficient for coordinating and communicating with candidates and new hires.

At Leap Onboard, we help companies overcome this challenge by providing a seamless platform to engage with candidates and employees. With Leap Onboard, companies can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of restarting their hiring program and recalibrating timelines when candidates decline job offers.

When people are engaged and inspired by their work, they not only perform better, but they also experience a greater sense of meaning. By helping foster this sense of belonging, connectedness and job-role clarity, we enable employees find meaning and purpose in their workplace and thereby, companies to increase job satisfaction, loyalty, and performance.

Ahoy, and Leap Onboard!

Our Values


Keep raising the bar. Always learn and create innovative solutions, resilient systems and new capabilities that deliver lasting impact.


Be responsible and accountable. Always act in the best interests of our company by doing what is right for our brighter future.


Relationships matter. Always be helpful and respect all our customers, colleagues, vendors and other stakeholders we work with.


We enable growing companies to easily craft personalised and compelling messages to individual candidates and send them on auto-pilot at just the right time.

Meet The Team

Photo of Ritesh Prasad

Ritesh Prasad

Founder | Product & Business

Ritesh is a product builder and marketeer with over two decades of experience setting up, scaling and leading technology, UX, PM, BA, digital marketing, customer support and HR teams. These experiences have taught him a ton about what’s missing when it comes to hiring and retaining great folks.

Surekha Ritesh

Founder | Marketing & Operations

Surekha has more than a decade of experience in the human resources field across different sub-domains. This knowledge equipped her with insights into the hurdles encountered by recruiters, HR business partners, and company leaders when it comes to effectively engaging candidates and employees.

Shiva Viswanathan

Co-founder | Design

Shiva brings three decades of design and market experience in print, interactive and digital product design. A distinguished design expert, he excels in brand strategy and UX, with expertise spanning digital marketing domains such as content marketing, e-commerce, mobile, social, and advertising.

Sneha Kalekar

Onboarding Specialist | Customer Success

Sneha Kalekar is the Customer Success Lead who leverages her expertise in customer experience, creative problem-solving, and people management. With her background at companies such as Google and Uber, she focuses on onboarding and building lasting customer partnerships.

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