Frequently Asked Questions

Asked and answered!

How do I associate a campaign to a candidate?

When you add a new candidate to Leap Onboard, you need to specify the department and the role of the candidate. Based on this, all the campaigns mapped to a department and role get automatically assigned to the corresponding candidates. In other words, you don’t need to manually map campaigns to individual candidates.

What is a campaign category?

A campaign category is basically a theme for a campaign in case you wish to segregate campaign posts in that manner. Of course, it is not necessary to only add posts that are similar in theme to a campaign category.

When do the posts in a campaign get delivered to the candidate?

The posts get delivered automatically based on the start date and the end date of the campaign. If a campaign contains 10 posts and if there are 30 days between the start date and the end date, then posts get delivered every third day starting with the start date.

Can I edit a campaign?

Yes, you can add or modify posts in a campaign or change the departments and roles mapped to the campaign or change the delivery schedule. However, remember to publish your campaign after you make any edits. The status of the campaign should say “Published”.

Can I add more than one campaign to a candidate?

Yes. If there are multiple campaigns that are mapped to a department and role, then all those matching campaigns get assigned to the corresponding candidates.