Admin Features

Effortlessly manage administrative tasks using Leap Onboard recruiter app’s robust features. Learn how to control users, subscriptions, documents, departments, and more for a customized and optimized experience.

Table of Contents


Welcome to the process notes for efficiently managing administrative features within the Leap Onboard recruiter app. This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of accessing and utilizing key admin functionalities, enabling you to customize and optimize your experience.

Process Steps

  • Dashboard Overview: Access the DASHBOARD tab to get an overview of your current plan status, its validity, and available subscription options. If you wish to tailor your plan to your needs, click on the “Contact Us” call to action to provide the necessary information.
  • User Management: Navigate to the USERS tab for user management. Invite new users by selecting “Invite User.” The available user roles are:
    • Admin: Full access, including admin section management, payments, and more.
    • HR User: Access to all features except admin functions.
    • Report Viewer: Limited to viewing and tracking engagement metrics.
    • Content Creator: Ability to create posts and campaigns.
    • Inbox Owner: Access to candidates and inbox messages.
  • Unpublishing Posts: Utilize the UNPUBLISH tab to unpublish quick message broadcasts created within the last 24 hours. Select a post and click the eye symbol to execute the unpublishing action.
  • Document Management: Under the DOCUMENTS tab, manage document categories and documents therein that you require candidates to submit.
  • Subscription Management: Under the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab, access billing history, manage auto-renew settings, and view payment details.
    • Billing History: Review chosen plans, invoices, amounts, and take relevant actions.
    • Manage Auto Renew: Control auto-renew settings based on your preference.
    • Payments & Plans: Access billing details and view your current plan.
  • Department & Role Management: Use the DEPARTMENTS tab to create, edit, or delete departments. Create and manage roles within departments, editing or deleting them as needed.
  • Company Details: Head to the COMPANY tab to edit company information, including name, location, time zone, employee count, and headquarters.


Effectively manage administrative aspects of the Leap Onboard recruiter app for your company with these simple steps. This guide has covered various features, from user roles and document management to subscription details and company information. By utilizing these functionalities, you can customize your experience to align with your organization’s needs. For further assistance, refer back to this guide or contact our support team.