Engaging Share Templates to Delight Prospective Candidates and Employees

Unlock a world of curiosity and collaboration with our “Share a Link” and “Share Document” templates.

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Are you tired of sending dull and forgettable messages to prospective candidates? It’s time to inject some fun and quirkiness into your HR communication! From sharing intriguing articles to promoting transparency through document sharing, these templates will bring a touch of excitement to your candidate engagement strategy.

Use the “Share a Link” template to whisk your team away to an intriguing article or study that will drive curiosity and expand their horizons. Whether it’s the latest trends, groundbreaking research, or thought-provoking insights, this template holds the key to unlocking a world of fascinating discoveries.

The Share a Link Template

Share Document Template

Embrace a culture of transparency, growth, and collaboration with our “Share Document” template. This template is designed to empower you to share with your employees any necessary policies, insights, tools or case studies that are captured in a document format.

The Share Document Template


From captivating articles to transparent sharing of policies and insights, these templates empower HR teams to engage prospective candidates with intriguing content and foster a culture of growth and collaboration.

Happy engaging!